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Total Allowable Error and the Brain to Brain Loop E-mail

Total Error. Total Analytical Error. Total Allowable Error. There are a number of terms in use about errors, and it appears that a recent editorial from Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine has mistaken what the meanings of these terms are. Another popular concept right now is the "Brain-to-Brain" loop. How does Total Analytical Error interface with the Brain-to-Brain Loop? Are the two approaches in conflict or complementary?

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We need more data, more data, and more data E-mail

There is an oft-quoted maxim for the restaurant business, that only three things matter: location, location, location. In a similar vein, medical laboratories trying to assess method performance and analytical quality need to focus on three things: data, more data, and still more data.

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Errors before the Laboratory E-mail

Several recent studies assert they have calculated the rate of error in laboratories, pre-analytical, analytical, and post-analytical. But what those numbers mean depends on what's being counted and who's doing the counting.

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The Meaning and Application of Total Error E-mail

While the scientific community has grown comfortable with the once-revolutionary concept of "total error", novices and newcomers are often puzzled by the term. Dr. Westgard answers a few "back to basics" questions about total error and its role in laboratory testing.

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$aving the Cost$ of Poor Quality E-mail

Contrary to popular business belief, there are ways to improve quality and save money at the same time. Six Sigma is founded on that core philosophy. But where are the savings in the laboratory? Here's a hard fact: poor QC practices are wasting money in your laboratory RIGHT NOW. Dr. Westgard shows how to identify, quantify, and eliminate the wasted time, effort, and resources spent on repeat runs, repeated controls, and poor patient care. (Preview)

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