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Six Sigma Quality and Desirable Laboratory Precision E-mail

Have you heard about Six-Sigma? One of the popular trends in quality management, it was used to revolutionize business processes in companies like GE and Motorola. The famed Jack Welch of GE even made it a mandatory requirement that all executives learn and practice Six Sigma. Dr. Westgard explains what's new about this approach, what's hype, and what can be applied in the laboratory. (preview)

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Six Sigma and Requisite Laboratory QC E-mail

In the healthcare market, a lot of manufacturers are issuing products with more of an eye on their profit margin than on the quality of the product. If your manufacturer can't meet Six Sigma requirements, what can you do? Improve your internal laboratory QC -- Dr. Westgard explains how. (preview)

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Six Sigma Staffing Strategies E-mail

Six Sigma not only tells you where you can cut costs and improve quality, it's also a great staffing indicator. See how Sigma-metrics can tell you where staff rotation is possible, and where you need to put your best techs.

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Signs of Six Sigma E-mail
Written by James O. Westgard

A few years ago, Dr. Westgard was one of the first and only voices advocating the application of Six Sigma to healthcare processes. Times have changed. Six Sigma is starting to pop up everywhere. See where it's showing up today.

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Six Sigma