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  • Quality Requirements and Standards   ( 33 Articles )
    Best Practices for the laboratory, Best practices for data in publications, Best practices for standards, and other articles about the quailty of quality rules, standards, and regulations.
  • Quality of Laboratory Testing   ( 9 Articles )
    A series of articles taking a data-driven look at the quality of laboratory testing in the US, using proficiency testing data from multiple programs, and Sigma-metric analysis.
  • Statistics   ( 1 Article )
  • Six Sigma   ( 4 Articles )
  • Tools   ( 4 Articles )
    Essays on tools and products that help you Design QC, valdiate methods, etc.
  • Trends   ( 26 Articles )
    Essays on recent stories in the news, current trends, and other topical issues.
  • Guest Essay   ( 64 Articles )
    Essays written on a variety of topics by guest authors, experts, and scientists.
  • Basic QC Practices   ( 11 Articles )
    Essays on the basics of quality control: control charts, out-of-control events, common problems encountered by the laboratory, and more.
  • CLIA   ( 11 Articles )
    Essays on the CLIA Final Rule, State Operators Manual, and other regulations.
  • High Reliablility   ( 1 Article )
    Essays on High Reliabilty Organization (HRO) theory and related quality management tools.
  • Housekeeping   ( 9 Articles )
    Discussions about the Westgard website, company, and our products and services.
  • ISO   ( 10 Articles )
    ISO 15189, measurement uncertainty, GUM, and other ISO concepts.
  • Links   ( 10 Articles )
    Discussions following up Dr. Westgard's many trips abroad. These articles summarize the trip (with pictures) and provide links to additional resources based on those talks.
  • Maryland General   ( 10 Articles )
    Reporting and analysis of the 2004 "Maryland General Scandal" and the investigation into serious laboratory failures, as well as the subsequent Congressional hearings and GAO report on laboratory quality.
  • Personal   ( 17 Articles )
    Dr. Westgard's personal thoughts and reflections on a variety of topics.
  • QC Design   ( 13 Articles )
    Planning and Designing QC procedures for maximum error detection, minimum false rejection, and optimum efficiency.
  • Method Validation   ( 4 Articles )
    Essays on the execution and use of method validation studies. How to turn validation statistics into meaningful judgments.
  • Risk Management   ( 14 Articles )
    Essays on Risk, Risk Management, and related tools like FMEA, PRA, etc.

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