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Guest Essay

Dr David Burnett's new book on ISO 15189

With every new version of ISO 15189, there's a need to update the laboratory approach to obtaining accreditation. Just in time, Dr. David Burnett has updated his textbook: A Practical Guide to ISO 15189 in Laboratory Medicine.

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Invitation for Patient Percentile Monitoring

Dr. Dietmar Stöckl and Dr. Linda Thienpont are embarking on an ambitious new project of performance monitoring. This is an open invitation for the pilot stage of an exciting new effort at using patient percentiles as a way to fulfill quality indicator requirements of the ISO 15189 examination phase.

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In Favor of "Full QC"

Back in November 2012, MLO ran an article titled "Empty QC" where the author suggested that some of our current QC practices are not adding value, or even supplying any useful function. This article prompted a response in our blog, Is QC "running on empty"?. But more recently, one of the website readers offered his own response.

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