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Introduction to Quality Design and Planning Online Course
Introduction to Quality Design and Planning Online Course

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Basic Method Validation
Determining Inaccuracy PDF Print E-mail

Bias, Accuracy, Inaccuracy, call it what you will. Sometimes your method generates different results than other methods, for example, systematically shifting values high or low. Laboratories must determine if bias exists in their methods, and estimate the severity of that bias.

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Reference Interval Transference PDF Print E-mail
Written by Patricia L. Barry BS, MT(ASCP) and James O. Westgard, PhD

It's not some new age religion, it's yet another confusing aspect of method validation. This time Dr. Westgard teams up with Trish Barry to explain the ins and outs. (Preview)

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The Detection Limit Experiment PDF Print E-mail
Written by James O. Westgard, PhD

When does a test become less useful? Dr. Westgard gets some help from Karen Mugan, Elsa Quam, Trish Barry, and Neill Carey to explain this confusing aspect of Method Validation. (Preview)

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The Management of Quality PDF Print E-mail
Written by James O. Westgard, PhD

Quality doesn't happen by itself! Quality must be achieved by work processes that are carefully planned, properly operated, optimally controlled, appropriately measured, and continuously improved, i.e., by proper management of quality. This lesson emphasizes the need for standard laboratory processes to provide consistent quality, as well as standards of quality to guide the management of those processes. (Preview)

Interference and Recovery Experiments PDF Print E-mail
Written by James O. Westgard, PhD, and Elsa F. Quam, BS, MT(ASCP)

Elsa P. Quam, BS MT(ASCP) joins Dr. Westgard in describing the importance of these two experiments. There are times when comparison methods are not available and experiments for linearity or reportable range and replication are not enough. If your laboratory modifies a manufacturer's method, you need to know how to perform the interference and recovery experiments. Sample data calculations are included.

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Basic Method Validation