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Introduction to Quality Design and Planning Online Course
Introduction to Quality Design and Planning Online Course

Basic Quality Management Systems
Basic Quality Management Systems

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Basic QC Practices
What changed with this QC? PDF Print E-mail

Here's a laboratory quality control mystery. See if you can guess what happened with the following real-world QC situation...

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Would your lab have caught this error, part 2? PDF Print E-mail

A reader-submitted example reminds us how common the use (and mis-use) of manufacturer ranges and package inserts can blind laboratories to the true problems occurring in their methods.

Would this QC get you fired? PDF Print E-mail

A user submitted a very interesting scenario: a mysterious discrepancy between the instrument records and the LIS records of QC values. Do you think your laboratory could this mystery?

Has your QC been Vanity-Sized? PDF Print E-mail

Vanity sizing is a well known phenomenon in modern clothing lines, both for women and men. But does vanity-sizing stop at the clothes rack? Or have diagnostic manufacturers brought it into the laboratory?

Would your lab have caught this error? PDF Print E-mail

For all its ubiquity in the lab, proper QC isn't easy. Even though every laboratory has to perform Quality Control, that hasn't made the task any simpler. It still relies on the right mean, the right SD, the right control limits, the right rules and numbers of control measurements, and the right interpretation of control data points. If you get one part of this system wrong, it can throw off the correct implementation. Here's an example that was recently published showing the difficulties and challenges of performing proper QC.

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Basic QC Practices