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Quality Requirements and Standards

Is your lab empowered?

In January, we were fortunate to have a guest essay by one of the organizers of the EQA monitoring program, Empower IVD * Globe. More recently, an editorial in Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine has endorsed this approach. As the Empower IVD project produces more studies and more significant findings, we add our strong encouragement.

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Milan Manifesto: Are Quality Goals Evolving, Devolving, or simply Revolving?

While Americans were gorging themselves on turkey, assiduously avoiding talking politics with their relatives, slipping into tryptophan-induced unconsciousness in front of the television, an elite group of metrologists, biochemical scientists, and leaders of the quality field were gathering in Milan to discuss a far-ranging series of topics. Oh, and they were also deciding the fate of the laboratory world and how and what analytical quality specifications will be allowed in the future.

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