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Sigma Metric Analysis

When the POC and the Core Lab don't agree

When a point-of-care device is compared to a core laboratory analyzer, we assume the core laboratory analyzer is always "right". But what if we can't tell whether either the point-of-care method or the core lab method is correct? When methodology is not the same, how do you handle the differences and bias between devices?

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Evaluation of a Chinese Automated Chemistry Analyzer

A 2013 study from the Journal of Laboratory Medicine and Quality Assurance evaluated the performance of a Chinese manufactured automated chemistry analyzer running Korean reagent. The study produced a lot of r-values in the 0.99 range. Does this mean the analyzer-reagent combination is better than the west?

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Evaluation of Mindray BC 6800 Hematology analyzer

A 2014 letter to the editor of the International Journal of Laboratory Hematology evaluated the performance of the Mindray automated hematology analyzer BC 6800. The letter authors concluded this instrument is "good and precise." Does Sigma-metric analysis agree?

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