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Sigma Metric Analysis

Sigma-metrics of Six HbA1c methods

The August 2014 issue of the Journal of Clniical Chemistry had not one, but two different articles assessing the quality of different HbA1c methods. In addition to the Lenters-Westra and Slingerland, Woodworth et al performend a Sigma-metric analysis - this time "patient-weighted" - of their own. Do the metrics agree?

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Evaluation of 3 Glucose monitoring systems

With all the controversy raging over the FDA Draft Guidelines for new glucose meters, let's remind ourselves of the performance that we see currently on the market. In this example, we'll evaluate three different glucose monitoring systems and see if they meet today's goals and possibly tomorrow's tighter goals...

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Evaluation of 4 POC instruments

An analysis of 4 different point-of-care (POC) analyzers and one POC device for HbA1c, based on a study published in 2012. The focus of the study was to find practical POC devices that could support faster decision making for the country's large HIV population. The question is, do any POC devices provide adequate quality for that type of clinical care?

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Evaluation of a blood glucose device

Glucose meters are coming under renewed scrutiny - off-label use with critcally ill patients, infection issues, and new draft guidelines for tighter requirements for FDA clearance. We take a look at a current glucose meter to see if current performance is meeting today's goals - and possibly tomorrow's...

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