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Six Sigma

Six-Sigma - Medical Cutoffs as Tolerance Limits

See how quality-planning can deliver World Class Quality for a POC device. This QC application makes use of medical cutoffs as tolerance limits for a cardiac marker POC device. Using Six Sigma techniques, Dr. Westgard shows how QC can be easy for difficult methods. (Preview)

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Six Sigma - Quality Design and Control Applications

Forget the theory and the hype about Six Sigma: What can do "in action"? It can help you to objectively assess the state of your current QC, determine the desirable CV and bias for your tests, specify the necessary QC procedures and/or needed improvements, compare all kinds of quality requirements to each other, and more. Combined with our Quality-Planning tools, Six Sigma can offer a "one-two" punch to any QC situation. (Preview)

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Six Sigma - Patient Data for Assessing Process Performance and Stability

Patient Data and Six Sigma together? Yes, the two most advanced QC techniques can work together. In fact, the two make a powerful combination. This application illustrates the use of both Sigma-metrics and Patient Data QC (also known as Average of Normals, AoN, Average of Patients). Patient Data QC uses patient test results to assess the performance of a laboratory testing process and to identify changes in process stability. This application strategy fits together with the strategy of multistage quality control, which employs multiple QC designs to accomplish specific objectives. (Preview)

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Six Sigma - A Project in Action

Recently, the Charleston Area Medical Center in West Virginia embraced Six Sigma. Melda Brown, a Black Belt in training, is one of their staff bringing better quality control to healthcare. Ms. Brown has been extremely generous in allowing us a glimpse of her Six Sigma Project as it is being implemented. Here we present the Define and Measure phases of her project.

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