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Mini-Review of Milan Meeting

For those unable to attend the 2014 Milan Meeting: the 1st EFLM Strategic Conference on Defining analytical performance goals 15 years after the Stockholm Conference, here's a brief mini-review (with links) to the presentations.

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New Year, New Goals, New Risks

There are many changes in store for the laboratory in 2012. Are they good changes? risky changes? Will these changes get us closer to our ultimate goals? The two Westgards look ahead.

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QC for the Future, Six Years Later

Back in 2005, CLSI held a conference on "Quality Control for the Future." At that time, the future - specifically the future described by CLSI at the time - seemed like it was going to happen on an accelerated schedule. But that future has taken a long road to reach us, and there were some major breakdowns along the way.

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CLSI EP22: In Memorium

There is a tradition at year end to review and commemorate the passing of notables. The New York Times Magazine has its "The Lives They Lived" issue at the end of every year. In this spirit, and with more than a bit of mordant humor, we offer this obituary.

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