Tools, Technologies and Training for Healthcare Laboratories

Basic QC Practices

The 2021 European (and others) QC Survey Results

Europe, Canada, Australia, the "Developed" world. If we look at all the advanced healthcare systems - and rule out the US because it's such a bizarre outlier of how to run a healthcare system and the CLIA regulations are equally unusual - what are the "best" labs doing with their QC?.

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The 2021 Asia QC Survey Results

As Asia rises, is their QC rising with it? Some of the fastest growing economies and healthcare systems in the world, it's time to learn if their QC practices are keeping up with their growth.

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The 2021 USA QC Survey Results

Has QC in the USA gotten better or worse? Are trends in consolidation, automation, POC-ization, and the waiving-waiving-waiving of methods had an impact on how quality control is practiced in US laboratories? The results are in.

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