Tools, Technologies and Training for Healthcare Laboratories

Basic QC Practices

QC - "Back to Basics"

Dr. Westgard explains the bare minimum everyone needs to know, and goes on to detail what laboratory technicians, medical technologists, clinical laboratory scientists, clinical chemists, QC specialists, supervisors, managers, and even directors need to know about quality control in their laboratory. If you see your title on this list, check out the essay and find out if you know all you should know.

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Putting Quality into Quality Control

Many laboratories and manufacturers say that they "do" quality control - but can't explain what level of quality they're acheiving. The term "Quality Control" is much-abused. In many cases, Dr. Westgard explains that what laboratories are actually performing is arbitrary control, not quality control. How do we put the quality back into quality control? Reading this essay is a good start.

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