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Westgard QC wants to know your opinion, answer your question, and provide you with the resources and tools to make better quality a reality in your workplace. Here are the many ways you can contact us:

1. Give us a call!

You can reach the main Westgard office by phone: 608-833-4718. We strive to give you personal service.

2. Send us an email!

A short email is often the best way for us to hear about your specific situation and assess your needs. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

3. Use the post office!

It's not often done anymore, but we still open our mail and read everything we get. Send your letters, your sample data, etc. to

Westgard QC
7614 Gray Fox Trail
Madison WI 53717

4. Fill out our automated Feedback form.

You can also fill out our feedback form to request product information or sign up for our email newsletter. Follow this link to fill out the form.

5. Consider a Consulting Arrangement

Westgard QC provides consulting services to many diagnostic companies and laboratories. Click here to read more about our consulting services.

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