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Basic QC Practices, Fourth Edition

The new 4th edition of our most popular title, it's THE book on laboratory quality control. A standard reference on QC for thousands of laboratories around the globe.
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Fourth Edition
2016, 334 pages, 6" x 9" perfect bound
ISBN 1-886958-30-0
ISBN-13  978-1-886958-30-2

Download the Preface, Table of Contents, First chapters, Excerpts, and Index (more than 50 pages!)


Thousands of laboratory professionals have made the Basic QC Practices their standard reference on laboratory quality control.

In the fourth edition, Dr. James O. Westgard and colleagues have updated their coverage:

Now more than ever, Basic QC Practices is the gold standard for learning Quality Control: a concise and comprehensive introduction to the backbone of the laboratory -- statistical quality control. For healthcare pratictioners who want to implement and operate valid QC procedures, this manual is an essential reference.

Praise for the First Edition

"This extremely readable book delivers what it promises, and more…It is a refreshing blend of theory and practical advice that is useful for teaching, for review, and for everyday laboratory operations."
Robert L. Murray, Clinical Chemistry

"It is an ideal reference for those who want to implement and operate valid QC procedures in central laboratories or point of care testing settings… I enjoyed working through the book and visiting the Internet references. Books on quality control can be boring, this is not one such book."
Les Watkinson, PhD, Clinical Biochemist Newsletter

Table of Contents

1. Managing Analytical Quality 1
2. Understanding Statistical Quality Control 15
3. Preparing a Control Chart 25
4. Interpreting QC with the "Westgard Rules" 45
5. Interpreting Multilevel QC Results 59
6. Solving Out-of-Control Problems 77
7. Documenting QC Results and Corrective Actions 89
8. Doing the Right QC Right 95
9. Selecting the Right Control Materials
10. Performing the Right Calculations 117
11. Selecting the Right QC Procedure
12. Determining the Right Frequency of Controls 153
13. Assuring Quality for the Total Testing Process 161
14. Complying with CLIA QC Regulations 171
15. Developing a QC Plan 191
16. Evaluating Risk 207
17. Mitigating Risk 221
18. Implementing Repeat Patient Test Controls 223
19. Developing QA to monitor the QC Plan 245
20. Monitoring Quality with EQA and PT 253
21. Implementing a Quality Management System 271
22. Managing Pre- and Post-Analytical Quality 291
23. Assuring the Right Quality Right 309
Index 329

























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