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Questions from Breaking all the Rules

In November 2000, we held the “Breaking all the Rules” Zoom. There were many questions asked, not all of which could be answered in an hourlong zoom. So here are a few lingering questions, abstracted so they are easier to understand outside of the zoom.

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FAQ's about Multirule QC

Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQs) about "Westgard Rules" and multirules.

Plus, some questions about Immunassays and QC (scroll down past the first section).

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Ten Ways to do the Wrong QC Wrong

Think you're the only one who doesn't do QC perfectly? You're not alone. In this article, we look at numerous examples from readers, where the best intentions have gone astray. By seeing how QC practices go wrong in the real world, we can learn what we need to do better.


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Multirules and QC Validator

A discussion of how multirule procedures are implemented in the [now no longer offer] QC Validator program. These answers also apply to the latest version of our QC Design software, EZ Rules 3.

Also included is a discussion of what a "run" is and how to define it for today's modern random access analyzers. Plus patient averages and moving averages. (Scroll down past the first section)

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Questions from "Chasing the Mean" Zoom

More than 2,000 laboratory professionals registered for the Westgard Zoom on Chasing the Mean, a frank discussion of PT, EQA, and peer groups. So many questions raised that couldn't be answered during the time of the call, we saved and answered them here.

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Questions from the "Toeing the Line" Zoom

We had hundreds of participants at the Westgard Zoom on Linearity and Reportable Range. And many questions raised that couldn't be answered during the time of the call. So here are the answers we couldn't give during the zoom.

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WESTGARD QC promotes the latest news, education, and tools in the quality control field. Our goal is to bring tools, technology and training into today's healthcare industry — by featuring QC lessons, QC case studies and frequent essays from leaders in the quality control area. This is also a reference source for quality requirements, including CLIA requirements for analytical quality. This website features the best explanation of the Multirule ("Westgard Rules") and how to use them. For laboratory and healthcare professionals looking for educational and reference material in the quality control field.