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Questions from the "Toeing the Line" Zoom

We had hundreds of participants at the Westgard Zoom on Linearity and Reportable Range. And many questions raised that couldn't be answered during the time of the call. So here are the answers we couldn't give during the zoom.

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Questioning Six Sigma metrics for the Laboratory

It is always good to challenge conventional wisdom. In revisiting the assumptions of the past, we sometimes find we have evolved beyond old practices and can adopt new ones. A recent series of questions posted on the AACC listserve deserves a broader audience.

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Questions from the Sigma Stronger webinar

In August 2021, the webinar, Sigma Stronger, covered the latest developments in quality benchmarking and updates to the design of QC procedures. After a lively question and answer session, all the questions that couldn't be answered live were saved for later reply. Here are all the questions and answers.

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