Tools, Technologies and Training for Healthcare Laboratories

Why Six Sigma Risk Analysis?

Risk Management has been in the news over the past few years. In some cases, Risk Management has failed us, and failed us badly (see global financial meltdown, 2008). In other fields, Risk Management is being promoted as the solution to our problems (see POC devices, EQC options, from 2003-2011) . How do balance the strengths and weaknesses of Risk Management? By tapping the strength of another quality management technique: Six Sigma.

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Failure Modes of Risk Assessment

What are the Risks of Risk Management? In this essay, we discuss known weaknesses (failure modes) of the Risk Asssessment process, as outlined in recent (2009-2010) reports from the Interntional Risk Governance Council, and relate those failure modes to the medical laboratory.

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How is Risk Assessed?

One of the critical early steps of Risk Management is Risk Assessment. There are a multitude of approaches to Risk Assessment, with varying degrees of complexity. Dr. Westgard examines the different approaches and makes recommendations on optimization and customization of these techniques for the healthcare laboratory. (Preview)

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The Risk Management Process

A whole host of Risk Management tools, techniques and terminology are headed for the laboratory. New standards and guidelines will make heavy use of these concepts in coming recommendations for laboratory conduct. Do you know what Risk really is? Do you know what Risk Management really means? Dr. Westgard explains some of the words and meanings of this new movement. (Preview)

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First do no harm

Risk Management standards are on the way. Some of the old QC techniques are going to be replaced by these new methods. That's all well and good, but in the end, you still need a way to catch those errors that slip through. Dr. Westgard explains how to balance the best of the old with the best of the new.

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