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Ramathibodi Hospital Lean Sigma Verification of Performance

Ramathibodi Hospital expanded their Westgard Sigma Verification of Performance Program (Sigma VP) to include their LEAN laboratory in 2016.

Ramathibodi Hospital - LEAN Lab - Sigma Verification of Performance

Verification: December 15th, 2016
Duration of Verification: December 15th, 2016 through January 31st, 2018

In 2016, Westgard QC was pleased to verify the performance of the LEAN laboratory of Ramathibodi Hospital.

 Ramathibodi Hospital

Following the Second National Economic and Social Development Plan (1964-1966), the Thai Government aimed to increase the number of doctors and nurses in order to meet the needs of the country. In August 1964, the Cabinet approved the plan of setting up a new medical school which would be located around the Phyathai area, Bangkok, Thailand. HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej graciously conferred the name on the new school of medicine “Ramathibodi” and laid the foundation stone for the building on December 30th, 1965. Four years later, the King came to open the new faculty of medicine on May 3rd, 1969. Apart from the Government’s fund, the Faculty was financially and academically supported by the Rockefeller Foundation from the United States of America. Since then the Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital has been fully equipped and has provided medical education and research facilities to the public. Moreover, it serves patients in Bankgok and from all over Thailand.

Performance of Ramathibodi Hospital LEAN laboratory


2016 12 10 Rama lean CCA NMEDX

2016 12 10 Rama lean CCB NMEDX

2016 12 10 Rama lean ia NMEDX


Analytes verified at the Rama LEAN laboratory:

Chemistry Assay C16000 A verified C16000 A verified
Albumin                                 Yes                                 Yes
ALT                                 Yes                                 Yes
Alkaline Phosphatase                                 Yes                                 Yes
AST                                 Yes                                 Yes
Bilirubin, Direct                                 Yes                                 Yes
Bilirubin, Total                                 Yes                                 Yes
Calcium                                 Yes                                 Yes
Chloride                                 Yes                                 Yes
Cholesterol                                 Yes                                 Yes
Creatinine                                 Yes                                 Yes
Creatinine Kinase                                 Yes
GGT                                 Yes                                 Yes
Glucose                                 Yes                                 Yes
HDL                                 Yes                                 Yes
LDL                                 Yes                                 Yes
LDH                                 Yes
Magnesium                                 Yes                                 Yes
Phosphorous                                 Yes                                 Yes
Potassium                                 Yes                                 Yes
Sodium                                 Yes                                 Yes
Total Protein                                 Yes                                 Yes
Triglycerides                                 Yes                                 Yes
Urea Nitrogen                                 Yes                                 Yes
Uric Acid                                 Yes                                 Yes
Immunoassays I2000 Verified?
FSH                                 Yes
LH                                 Yes
Prolactin                                 Yes
T3, Total                                 Yes
TSH                                 Yes


2016 Rama Lean Lab Sigma VP

Congratulations to Ramathibodi Hospital LEAN Laboratory for expanding their verification and continuing to provide a world class standard of test results.

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