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Shandong Provincial Hospital Laboratory Sigma Verification of Performance

Qualab, our Sigma VP partner in China, has helped Shandong Provincial Hospital Laboratory of Jinan, China, join the ranks of the Sigma VP laboratories.

Sigma Verification of the Shandong Provincial Hospital Laboratory

Verification Date: June 16, 2017
Duration of Verification: June 16, 2017 through July 1st 2018

The following assays and instruments which were verified

Shandong AU verified lists

Six Sigma: World Class Quality. Possible to use 3s to 3.5s limits and a minimum of controls

Five Sigma: Excellent Quality. Possible to use 3s limits or a 1:3s/2:2s/R:4s Westgard Rule

Four Sigma: Good Quality. Possible to use 1:3s/2:2s/R:4s/4:1s Westgard Rule

 Visual Summary of Performance of Shandong Hospital chemistry assays

2017 Shandong AU 5800 1 NMEDX

2017 Shandong AU 5800 2 NMEDX


 Congratulations to the entire laboratory staff.


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