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Your lab needs help. Westgard's got your back.

Westgard wrote the book on Quality. More than once. The essential skills, the deep insights, and the critical tools to optimize your Quality Control, your Method Validation (and Verification), and your Six Sigma metrics are here.

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For more than 50 years, James O. Westgard has charted the way for Laboratory Quality.

You don't need 5 decades to master these skills. You can learn from his insights with just a few hours spent in the company of the most popular textbooks in laboratories around the world.

Basic QC Practices, 4th edition, the best-selling manual on QC.

Basic Method Validation and Verification, 4th edition, the practical guide to some of the most technical demands of running a lab.

The Poor Lab's Guide to the Regulations, the only compliance guide that translates the byzantine rules into commonsense answers

Six Sigma QC Design and Control, 2nd edition, the book that brought analytical benchmarking into the 21st century.

All of these books are worth your time and investment. Learn the techniques, lean out your lab operations, and reap the rewards.

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