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Technology for Implementing QC Right

What kind of software is available for Quality Control? Is the software you get for "free" up to the job?
Dr. Westgard provides a cogent survey of what's available in today's market. He also highlights what features are important in a QC program, as well as the features that still need to be offered.

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Solutions for a Taxing Problem

May 2005

QC is like taxes. Ask anyone about it, and it's unlikely that you'll hear a happy response. But like taxes, QC is something you can't avoid if you want a functional and productive society or healthcare community. Westgard QC provides a sneak peak at a program designed to help make the "QC tax" less burdensome on you.

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Evolution of QC Design Tools

June 2006

There are a variety of tools and programs available to those who want to implement Sigma metrics and QC Design in their laboratory. Some are free, some are not, and some new tools are coming soon...

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