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When manufacturers mislead

Are Sigma-metrics immune from manipulation? Of course not. If you're dealing with a manufacturer who is willing to skirt the truth about their instrument performance, it should hardly be surprising that they find ways to "boost" their Sigma-metric performance. A recent white paper provides an example of how manufacturers might mislead you - and therefore alerts us to the safeguards we need to insist upon when we analyze performance data. 

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An IQCP Primer from the Real World

Winchester Hospital of the Valley Health System has summarized the IQCP information from multiple resources and distilled it down to a short primer. Perhaps these are the plans you're looking for.

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Have you been Theranosed? Or are you Theranosing?

The Theranos Scandal is an object lesson for the laboratory industry. It's not only an example of what NOT to do, but also an example of what we risk when we don't demand proof of quality, or what we might suffer if we don't prove the quality we're delivering. We don't want to be Theranosed. And we certainly don't want to be Theranosing others...

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MU Survey 2015: Labs Speak Out About Uncertainty

Here are more than 120 personal comments from the participants in our Global Measurement Uncertainty Survey. Some labs have no ambiguity about how they feel uncertainty. Here are the responses from all the countries outside the US (more than 85 countries from every civilized continent and region in the world). Believers, Beleaguered, Compliant, and Exasperated - just some of the categories of replies.

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