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The Poor Lab's Guide

Poor Lab's Guide to the Regulations

by Dr. Sharon Ehrmeyer.

Is your lab ready for the future?

What's the quality of your control?

We have long made the assumption that controls are controls, and that any time a control is "out" it's the fault of the method, not the control.

What if that assumption is wrong?

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Evaluation of a blood glucose device

Glucose meters are coming under renewed scrutiny - off-label use with critcally ill patients, infection issues, and new draft guidelines for tighter requirements for FDA clearance. We take a look at a current glucose meter to see if current performance is meeting today's goals - and possibly tomorrow's...

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Evaluation of 5 POC CRP tests

An analysis of 5 different point-of-care (POC) analyzers for C-Reactive Protein (CRP). Many years ago, assays were considered to be too imprecise to support their clinical use. Are the latest instruments any better?

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Would your lab have caught this error?

For all its ubiquity in the lab, proper QC isn't easy. Even though every laboratory has to perform Quality Control, that hasn't made the task any simpler. It still relies on the right mean, the right SD, the right control limits, the right rules and numbers of control measurements, and the right interpretation of control data points. If you get one part of this system wrong, it can throw off the correct implementation. Here's an example that was recently published showing the difficulties and challenges of performing proper QC.

Biologic Variation Database, the 2014 Update

Celebrate 15 years of evidence-based quality goals! The 8th update of the biologic variation database, with updated specifications and new analytes for 2014.

Will Bad Risk drive out Good QC?

With the expiration date on EQC drawing ever closer, US labs still await the details about its replacement. While CLSI EP23 has been public for more than a year, and CMS has made press releases about the new IQCP (Individualized Quality Control Plans) and has announced the benefits of this new forthcoming policy, the actual regulatory language has yet to be released or described.

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