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Nothing but the Truth Manual
Nothing but the Truth Manual

Introduction to Quality Design and Planning Online Course
Introduction to Quality Design and Planning Online Course

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An order form for Westgard products and courses.

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To Order any WQC Product:PRINT THIS PAGE OUT, COMPLETE THE FORM, AND FAX IT DIRECTLY TO 608-833-0640 or 203-389-6753(outside the US use all applicable country codes).

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Call 608-833-4718 for more information (or if you want to use a hospital P.O.).

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List Price Quantity Subtotal
Poor Lab's Guide to the Regulations $80.00
Six Sigma Risk Analysis $90.00
Basic QC Practices, 3rd Edition manual $80.00
Basic Method Validation, 3rd Edition manual $80.00
Six Sigma Quality Design & Control manual, 2nd edition $90.00
Assuring the Right Quality Right $90.00
Basic Planning for Quality manual $60.00


List Price Quantity Subtotal
Basic QC Practices online course (14 credits) $135.00
Basic Method Validation online course (15 credits) $175.00
Quality Management and Design of Analytical Systems, (an Introduction) online short course $75.00
"Westgard Rules" and Levey-Jennings Charts online minicourse $75.00
Introduction to Risk Analysis and Management online short course $155.00
Risk Analysis Guidelines online short course $155.00


Write Coupon Code: & Discount:

Sales Tax (Add 5.5% in WI, 6.0% in CT)

Shipping & Handling (with 48 states of US shipping: see table*)

Shipping & Handling to AK, HI, Canada & Mexico: Add 10%

Shipping & Handling to all other countries: Add 20%


Fax this to 608-833-0640 or 203-389-6753. If there are any special shipping instructions (floor and office number, mail stop, etc.), or any comments or questions you'd like to add, please use this space below:

*WQC sends manuals via US Priority Mail; inquire for other types of shipping.

A note about Coupons and Web Specials:

Discount coupons and offers on WQC products are only available through the use of the online store on the website.Orders via mail, fax, and phone are not elligible for these specials. Furthermore, the Web Specials are available for the limited period stated with the offer. Approximately once every month, the Web Special will change. Once the time has elapsed on an offer, the product reverts to its original price as listed in the Catalog.

US Domestic Shipping and Handling fees:

Under $100 = $10.95 shipping & handling
$100 - $200 = $14.95 shipping & handling
$200 - $300 = $16.95 shipping & handling
$300 - $400 = $18.95 shipping & handling
$400 - $500 = $20.95 shipping & handling
$500 - $600 = $22.95 shipping & handling
$600 - $700 = $24.95 shipping & handling

Over $700 = inquire for quote

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