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IQCP: Does the P stand for Placebo? http://www.westgard.com/iqcp-placebo.htm http://www.westgard.com/iqcp-placebo.htm The momentum behind IQCP is accelerating. Companies are launching education initiatives, new software programs, and there are webinars, workshops, and online tutorials. But does anyone really understand what an IQCP is yet? Does anyone know what the P stands for? Problem? Plan? Placebo?

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Westgard Sigma Rules http://www.westgard.com/westgard-sigma-rules.htm http://www.westgard.com/westgard-sigma-rules.htm We've talked about Westgard Rules for decades, and we've talked about Six Sigma for years. So what happens when we try to talk about both at the same time? Westgard Sigma Rules

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Free Membership (It's Free) http://www.westgard.com/free-membership-its-free.htm http://www.westgard.com/free-membership-its-free.htm Probably the feature users will like least about the new Westgard Web is membership. In order to access some articles on the website, you'll need to become a member and login when you visit the website. But membership is free and the benefits of membership outweigh the hassle.

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]]> westgard@westgard.com (Sten Westgard, MS) frontpage Tue, 18 Aug 2009 15:26:08 +0000 Biologic Variation Database, the 2014 Update http://www.westgard.com/biodatabase-2014-update.htm http://www.westgard.com/biodatabase-2014-update.htm Celebrate 15 years of evidence-based quality goals! The 8th update of the biologic variation database, with updated specifications and new analytes for 2014.

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Evaluation of 4 POC instruments http://www.westgard.com/4-poc-southafrica.htm http://www.westgard.com/4-poc-southafrica.htm An analysis of 4 different point-of-care (POC) analyzers and one POC device for HbA1c, based on a study published in 2012. The focus of the study was to find practical POC devices that could support faster decision making for the country's large HIV population. The question is, do any POC devices provide adequate quality for that type of clinical care?

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Will Bad Risk drive out Good QC? http://www.westgard.com/bad-risk-iqcp.htm http://www.westgard.com/bad-risk-iqcp.htm With the expiration date on EQC drawing ever closer, US labs still await the details about its replacement. While CLSI EP23 has been public for more than a year, and CMS has made press releases about the new IQCP (Individualized Quality Control Plans) and has announced the benefits of this new forthcoming policy, the actual regulatory language has yet to be released or described.

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Would your lab have caught this error? http://www.westgard.com/error-catch.htm http://www.westgard.com/error-catch.htm For all its ubiquity in the lab, proper QC isn't easy. Even though every laboratory has to perform Quality Control, that hasn't made the task any simpler. It still relies on the right mean, the right SD, the right control limits, the right rules and numbers of control measurements, and the right interpretation of control data points. If you get one part of this system wrong, it can throw off the correct implementation. Here's an example that was recently published showing the difficulties and challenges of performing proper QC.

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Westgard Training http://www.westgard.com/westgard-training.htm http://www.westgard.com/westgard-training.htm For those who seek to learn about "Westgard Rules", Quality Control, and other topics about Laboratory Quality Management, Westgard QC can provide the best training, either through books, online courses, or public or private workshops. ]]> westgard@westgard.com (James O. Westgard, PhD, and Sten Westgard) frontpage Sun, 15 Feb 2009 22:59:19 +0000