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Westgard Rules
What's the Role of a Rule? PDF Print E-mail

You've learned about control rules. Now that you've got your control chart set up, your controls running, and your data plotting, what do you do with the rules when the dots are out?

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"Westgard Rules" and Multirules PDF Print E-mail

What are the "Westgard Rules"? How do you use them?

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Everything you ever wanted to know, or possibly didn't want to know, about multirule QC. Multirules are popularly known in the laboratory as "Westgard Rules." Here's the best place to find out more about them.

Best Practices for "Westgard Rules" PDF Print E-mail
Written by James O. Westgard, Ph.D.

So we've catalogued some of the worst abuses of "Westgard Rules." What about the best uses? What's the best way to use "Westgard Rules" - and When, Why, How and Who, too? Here is a list of 12 practices to make your use of "Westgard Rules" better.

Abuses, Misuses, and In-excuses PDF Print E-mail
Written by James O. Westgard, Ph.D.

WARNING! You may not want to read this article. It's a sobering list of all the common mistakes made by manufacturers and laboratories when they design, implement and interpret the "Westgard Rules." As it turns out, when your software or instrument or LIS claims to have "Westgard Rules," it might not be true or even useful. And if you see a claim that they've "modified" the rules to make them better, be afraid.

Ten Ways to do the Wrong QC Wrong PDF Print E-mail

Think you're the only one who doesn't do QC perfectly? You're not alone. In this article, we look at numerous examples from readers, where the best intentions have gone astray. By seeing how QC practices go wrong in the real world, we can learn what we need to do better.

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