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Advanced Quality Management / Six Sigma

Seven Tips to Better Sigma in '17

Want World Class Quality? You need to ask for it by name. But getting the right Sigma-metrics requires more than just requiring Sigma-metrics in your tender or RFP. You need to specify more than just Sigma-metrics. You need to specify the goal, the level, the time period... well, we'll tell you how it can be done.

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When manufacturers make mistakes

Are Sigma-metrics immune from manipulation? It should hardly be surprising that manufacturers will find ways to "boost" their Sigma-metric performance. A recent white paper provides an example of how manufacturers might mislead you - or make a mistake in their Sigma-metrics - and therefore alerts us to the safeguards we need to insist upon when we analyze performance data. 

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Quality Goals, Systems, and Specifications

When it comes to Quality, where are we now? Dr. Westgard reviews the evolution of quality control, quality design, as well as the development of tools to help plan quality. It helps to understand how we arrived at Quality Systems - and where we should plan to go in the future.

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Surpassing Six Sigma

What does it mean when the Sigma-metric is above Six Sigma? What are the implications of superior performance? Are there any benefits to improving beyond Six Sigma?

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