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Theory versus Practice in Analytical Quality Specifications

As Yogi Bera once said, "In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice - in practice, there is." So is it true with mu.

So long, Specifications! Gear up for Goals

The biggest change in the Prague conference on quality may be a shifting of goalposts.

Specification too strict? Trying lowering your standards

 It's becoming something of a trend in Europe: lowering standards, postponing implementation of standards, and inventing new reasons why the rules don't apply.

Precision QC - the latest adjectivization of Quality Control

Another year, another new model. Almost regularly as the planet circles the sun does a new model emerge in the literature. The latest is called "Precision QC." Have we been practicing "Imprecision QC" for the last 60 years? Do we need to recreate the QC wheel again?

Patient-Based, Risk-Driven, Real-Time. The Adjective-Hyping of Quality Control

There's a race to develop new adjectives for Quality Control. Statistical Quality Control is out. So is Process-Focused. Patient-Focused Real-Time, and Risk-Based are the latest terms in vogue. But what does any of this actually mean to the laboratory?