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Basic QC Practices

A New Look at Italian Error Rates

A new abstract for the IFCC meeting in Istanbul returns to Italy to study the frequency of errors in laboratory processes across the Total Testing Process. Italy was where the study of errors rates really began back in 1997. Has Italy improved since then?

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A look at pre-analytical error rates, 2014

A new study looks at the frequency of errors in laboratory processes across the Total Testing Process. The study covers pre-analytical error rates from 2011 at the County Emergency Clinical Hospital in Timisoara, Romania. We looked at pre-analytic rates a few years ago. Have labs improved significantly since then?

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Would you drive your car the way you run your QC?

Is our QC asleep at the wheel? QC and driving share many of the same characteristics - it's a task we do constantly, one that most of the time is safe and, frankly, can be boring. But in both cases, we need to maintain our vigilance against the danger of an accident or mistake.

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Is QC Quality Compromised?

Non-commutable controls, matrix effects, non-harmonized methods, consensus means, artificially wide manufacturer ranges, repeated controls, lot-to-lot variation. How many ways can the implementation of quality control can be compromised? The answer might depress you.

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Re-emerging Issues in QC Today

To repeat or not to repeat, that seems to be the eternal QC question for the laboratory. We can all recognize the theoretical problem with repeating the control, but in practice, most laboratories exhibit this kind of behavior. Dr. Westgard discusses why some QC problems persist, and what approaches to deal with them are best.

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