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Part V: A Few Bad Apples or the Tip of the Iceberg?

September 2004

After a second Congressional Hearing revealed further problems with the inspection process, the "deemed providers" of accreditation are recalibrating their inspections. Still the question remains: Was the scandal at Maryland General Hospital a case of a "few bad apples" or is just the tip of the iceberg?

Part IV. Inadequate Inspections

August 2004

One of the most dramatic revelations of the Maryland General Hospital scandal was the failure of inspections to uncover the problems in the lab. How did the inspections fail, and can new inspection regimes solve this?

Part III. Broken Windows at Maryland General Hospital

July 2004

There are two questions that all laboratory professionals are asking (or should be) about the scandal at Maryland General Hospital: How could it get this bad? and How could it take so long to discover the problem? Dr. Westgard and Sten Westgard try to answer those questions, and pose an even more important question: Are there more Maryland Generals out there?

Part II. Facts of the Maryland General Healthcare Scandal

June 2004

For those of you who weren't able to follow the scandal at Maryland General Hospital, or have never heard of it - here's a recap of the laboratory deficiencies, errors, and catastrophes - plus details on the congressional hearings on this issue.

Part I. Cracks in the Healthcare Quality System?

May 2004

Dr. Westgard comments on the reports involving Maryland General Hospital and laboratory errors. The first in a series of articles on this story.