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A Review of Predictive Value of Laboratory Tests

Expanding on a previous lesson on Clinical Agreement, Dr. Westgard discusses the Predictive Value of a Laboratory Test

Estimating Clinical Agreement for a Qualitative Test: A Web Calculator for 2x2 Contingency Table

How do you validate a qualitative test?  Here's an introduction to a tiny little tool you might find useful for virus assay validation

Calculadora web para tabla de contingencia 2x2

¿Cómo se validan las pruebas cualitativas? Aquí encontraran una pequeña introducción a una herramienta que puede ser útil para la validación de pruebas cualitativas.

Basic validation of qualitative tests

In this first lesson, Dr. Paulo Pereira introduces some of the basic concepts of method validation that apply when a qualitative method is being evaluated. 

Calibration Verification Criteria for Acceptable Performance

CLIA and CAP require continuous calibration verification. Interestingly, the regulations aren't that specific about how to judge whether or not the calibration is successful.