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Profile of Paulo Pereira, PhD

Westgard QC is proud to announce the addition of a contributing editor, Paulo Pereira, PhD

Biographical Information

PPereiraPaulo Pereira received his Ph.D. from the Catholic University of Portugal (Biotechnology, specialization Microbiology)

 Dr. Pereira has been recruited as a quality and laboratory utilization expert for seminars and laboratory professional meeting throughout Europe

  •  22+ years of experience in medical laboratory, having held key scientific leadership roles:
  • 9+ years as medical technician
  • 12+ years as researcher
  • 3+ years as consultant of a metrology laboratory in a national transfusion and transplantation institute based on ISO/IEC 17025 specifications
  • 16+ years as a consultant and auditor of quality management systems and technical requirements (ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 17025, and ISO 15189) in a national transfusion and transplantation institute
  • 9+ years as a quality manager and the national coordinator of a quality management department in a national transfusion and transplantation institute
  • 5+ years as a quality control teacher in the School of Health Technology, Lisbon Polytechnic Institute and the Medical School, Nova University of Lisbon

 Dr. Pereira is the author of several peer-review scientific and technical articles, and indexed book chapters. He serves as both reviewer scientific and technical articles and as a member of Editorial Boards


  • Expert in quality control of medical laboratory tests: verification, validation, internal quality control, external quality assessment, measurement uncertainty, and reference intervals
  • Successful practice of CLSI protocols
  • Sampling methodologies and statistical quality control applied to the blood components production
  • Blood and plasma screening tests
  • Risk management
  • GLP in medical laboratory and GMP on the manufacture of blood components
  • Successfully leading Quality teams
  • Leading highly effective cross-functional teams through strong leadership skills

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