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Quality Requirements

New Goals for MU Goals

CCLM has published a set of 13 analytical performance specifications for measurement uncertainty. Only 7 years after the Milan Consensus Meeting. And only 15-20 years after MU took center stage in the laboratory quality debate.

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The New Era of Biological Variation: EUBIVAS

The Milan EFLM Task Finishing Groups on Biologic Variation have realized they may never be finished. So they have been converted into standing committees of the EFLM for European Biological Variation Study (EuBIVAS). The "Ricos Goals" are no more - Long Live The EFLM Goals!

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French EQA performance specifications

One of the leading EQA programs of France is ProBioQual. They have their own set of EQA acceptance limits, which include some copied from the "Ricos goals" but most of them set through analysis of their own participant performance. How do these specifications compare to CLIA and Ricos TEa?

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