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Extras for the Poor Lab's Guide

The 2023-2024 Poor Lab's Guide was too big to fit into one workbook. Here are the links to the other parts of the book, contained online in a special section for those who purchased the book.

poorlab cover23 24 800For extra materials and interactive form downloads, go to this address

This special section of the course portal also contains downloadable versions of the competency forms. For the 2023-2024 edition, these forms can now be completed electronically.

You will also need a special Access Code in order to enroll in the Poor Lab's Guide Extras section.

For the new 2023-2024 edition, you need to look at page 99 at the bottom of the page, the 2nd-to-last word. That's the code

For legacy 2021 edition access, look on page 123, at the bottom of the page, see the last word in the text, For now, that is the access code you need.

Please contact us if you have any questions.