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Worried About Quality? Westgard Can Help

When regulations are confusing, and inspectors are unknowing, and manufacturers are dissembling, and no one seems to possess the requisite skills for quality, there's one resource that can provide the answers you need.

 Worried About Quality? Westgard Can Help

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Maintaining Quality is a perennial challenge for any laboratory manager.

Westgard QC has three resources that can help.

Basic QC Practices, 4th Edition. THE book on quality control. The most popular textbook in the Westgard catalog. Tens of thousands of laboratory professionals have used this to grapple with their QC issues.  For the best explanation of the "Westgard Rules", as well as how best to interpret and trouble-shoot out-of-control issues.

Basic Method Validation and Verification, 4th Edition. Before there were regulations, before there were the CLSI guidelines, there were Westgard protocols for evaluation of new methods.  For a succinct, plain-language discussion of all the experiments and statistics necessary to bring a new method into operation in the laboratory, there is no better resource.

Six Sigma Quality Design and Control, 2nd Edition. Beyond Westgard Rules and QC, there is a way to reduce the use of controls and rules, lower the amount of trouble-shooting required, and save money on controls, calibrators and reagents. This advanced technique is Six Sigma and Six Sigma Metrics. For 20 years, Westgard has been the pioneer in benchmarking analytical methods on this powerful universal scale.

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