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Risk Analysis

An IQCP Primer from the Real World

Winchester Hospital of the Valley Health System has summarized the IQCP information from multiple resources and distilled it down to a short primer. Perhaps these are the plans you're looking for.

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A Six Sigma Risk Analysis Lab Example

At the 2012 Quality in the Spotlight conference in Antwerp, Belgium, Sten Westgard had the pleasure of presenting example applications of data-driven Risk Analysis. In collaboration with EndocLab in Portugal and Dr. Graca Salcedo, Six Sigma Risk Analysis was performed on three different tests.

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Risk Analysis Example: Sterilization

While Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) is the most common tool associated with Risk Analysis, it's not the only tool. Prospective Risk Analysis (PRA) is a very similar tool that may also be useful in Laboratories seeking to implement QC Plans following the EP23 guideline. Here, we take a healthcare study - the sterilization process in a hospital - that has been documented in the literature and examine how Risk Analysis is applied.

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