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Praram 9 Hospital Sigma Verification of Performance

Praram 9 Hospital has succeeded with two instruments in joining the Westgard Sigma Verification of Performance Program (Sigma VP). Verified since 2015.

Praram 9 Hospital - Sigma Verification of Performance

Verification: December 15th, 2015
Duration of Verification: December 15th, 2016 through January 1st, 2018
Verified since December 2015

In December, Westgard QC was pleased to re-verify the performance of more than 45 chemistry and urine assays and immunoassays at Param 9 Hospital on 2 instruments.

 Praram 9 Hospital, Bangkok Thailand

Praram 9 Hospital was originally established by a group of professional and specialized physicians from all medical spheres. The hospital was constructed with the objective of providing a wide range of reliable medical services of the highest quality standards. And today, there are more than 300 professional physicians offering a comprehensive range of specialized medical practices. The hospital has installed the most modern, state-of-the-art medical equipments to provide patients with the very best medical services at all times. The hospital is already accredited with Joint Commission International (JCI),further reflecting its commitment to Ongoing improvement and putting it on par with some of the most respected facilities in the world.Since it first opened on 19 July 1992, the passing years have brought a source of pride and success for Praram 9 Hospital, primarily as its many departments have achieved distinguished international recognition, elevating its status to that of a leader in medical technology.

Performance of Praram 9 Hospital

2016 12 10 Praram9 c8000 CC urine NMEDX

2016 12 10 Praram9 C4000 CC NMEDX

2016 12 10 Praram9 I2000 ia NMEDX

Analytes verified:

Chemistry Assay C8000 verified C4000 verified
Albumin                                 Yes
ALT                                 Yes                                 Yes
Alkaline Phosphatase                                 Yes
Amylase                                 Yes
AST                                 Yes                                 Yes
Bilirubin, Direct                                 Yes
Bilirubin, Total                                 Yes
C Reactive Protein                                 Yes
Calcium                                 Yes
Chloride                                 Yes                                 Yes
Cholesterol                                 Yes                                 Yes
Creatinine                                 Yes                                 Yes
Creatinine Kinase                                 Yes
GGT                                 Yes
Glucose                                 Yes                                 Yes
HDL                                 Yes                                 Yes
LDL                                 Yes                                 Yes
Lipase                                 Yes
LDH                                 Yes
Magnesium                                 Yes
Microalbumin                                 Yes
Phosphorous                                 Yes
Potassium                                 Yes                                 Yes
Total Protein                                 Yes
Triglycerides                                 Yes                                 Yes
Urea Nitrogen                                 Yes
Uric Acid                                 Yes                                 Yes
Chloride, urine                                 Yes
Creatinine, urine                                 Yes
Potassium, urine                                 Yes
Protein, urine                                 Yes
Sodium, urine                                 Yes
Immunoassays I2000 Verified?
AFP                                 Yes
CEA                                 Yes
PSA                                 Yes
T4, Free                                 Yes
TSH                                 Yes

Congratulations to Praram 9 Hospital on their accomplishment.

praram 9 presentation Sigma VP 2015

 Picture from the original 2015 Verification ceremony

Congratulations for Praram 9 on their performance.




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