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Prodia Laboratories Verification of Performance

Prodia Laboratories becomes the first system in Indonesia to achieve the Verification of Performance (Sigma VP). They are also the first laboratory system to have three branches/labs verified at once. 

Prodia Laboratories - Sigma Verification of Performance

Verification: October 26th, 2016
Duration of Verification: October 26th, 2016 through November 30, 2017

In October, Westgard QC was pleased to verify the performance of three separate laboratories in the Prodia Laboratory network of Indonesia.

 2016 October Prodia VP ceremony Dewi

Dr. Dewi is pictured here opening the Sigma VP ceremony.

Prodia Sigma VP certificate

Prodia Clinical Laboratory was initially established in Solo, Central Java, on 7 May 1973 by a group of idealists with the background of pharmacy. From the very first, Dr. Andi Wijaya, MBA along with the other founders committed to present the best check-up result with wholehearted services. That commitment has led Prodia to be the best and the biggest Clinical Laboratory in Indonesia and the national referral lab today.

Since 2009, Prodia has set the theme"Love for Quality" to inspire all employees of Prodia in providing services for the customers. "Love for Quality" is the actualization of efforts for the endless improvement which is based on love in order to provide quality service since Prodia believes that love and you, the loyal customers, are one inseparable unity.

The verification was completed on ARCHITECT chemistry instruments in three different branches Bandung, Bekasi, and Semarang. The list of analytes verified include

Assay Bandung Bekasi Semarang
Albumin   Yes  
Akaline Phosphatase Yes Yes Yes
ALT Yes Yes Yes
Amylase Yes    
AST Yes Yes Yes
Bilirubin, Direct Yes Yes Yes
Bilirubin, Total Yes  Yes  Yes 
 Calcium Yes    Yes 
 Cholesterol, HDL Yes  Yes  Yes 
 Cholesterol, LDL Yes  Yes  Yes 
 Cholesterol, Total Yes  Yes  Yes 
 Creatinine Yes  Yes  Yes 
 GGT Yes  Yes  Yes 
 Glucose Yes    Yes 
 Iron Yes    
 Lipase Yes     
 Magnesium Yes    Yes 
 Phosphorous Yes     
 Total Protein Yes  Yes  Yes 
 Triglycerides Yes  Yes  Yes 
 Uric Acid Yes  Yes  Yes 


Performance of Prodia Laboratories

2016 11 24 Prodia Bandung NMEDx

2016 11 24 Prodia Semarang NMEDx

2016 11 24 Prodia Bekasi NMEDx

Congratulations to Prodia Laboratories on their accomplishments.

 Prodia Laboratories Group Picture October 2016

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