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Quality Healthcare Medical Service of Hong Kong Sigma Verification of Performance

Quality Healthcare Medical Service (QHMS) becomes the first laboratory in Hong Kong to achieve Sigma Verification of Performance.

Quality Healthcare Medical Service (QHMS) - Sigma Verification of Performance

Verification: December 15th, 2016
Duration of Verification: December 15th, 2016 through January 31st 2018

In December, Westgard QC was pleased to verify the first laboratory in Hong Kong.

QHMS Sigma Verification of Performance 2016

Pictured above: Sten Westgard and Mr. Eric Pang

The Central Laboratory is part of the Quality Healthcare Medical Services Limited (part of Bupa) providing the diagnostic and health screening services for Healthcare Professionals in Hong Kong.

The verification was completed on their ARCHITECT c8000 instruments. The analytes verified include

Analytes c8000 1 c8000 2
Albumin World class World class 
Alkaline Phosphatase World class  World class 
ALT World class World class 
Amylase    World class
AST    World class
Bilirubin, Direct    World class
Bilirubin, Total World class  Excellent 
C4   World Class
Calcium  World class  World class
Chloride  World class  World class
Cholesterol, HDL  World class  World class
Cholesterol, LDL  World class  World class
Cholesterol, Total  World class  World class
Creatinine Kinase  World class World class 
Creatinine  World class  World class
GGT  World class  World class
Glucose  world class  World class
Iron    World class
LDH  Excellent  Good
Magnesium  World class  World class
Phosphorous  World class  World class
Potassium  World class  
Prealbumin   World class
Sodium  World class Excellent 
Total Protein  Good  Good
Triglycerides  World class  World class
Urea  Good  
Uric Acid  World class  World class
  • World Class = Six Sigma performance
  • Excellent = Five Sigma performance
  • Good = Four Sigma performance


Performance of QHMS


 QHMS c8000 2 NMEDX

Congratulations to QHMS Laboratory on their accomplishment.

2016 12 29 QHMS 2

2016 12 29 QHMS 3

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