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Serdang Hospital Sigma Verification of Performance

In December 2016, Westgard QC was pleased to add Serdang Hospital to the ranks of Malaysian Sigma Verified institutions.

Serdang Hospital - Sigma Verification of Performance

Verification: December 30th, 2016
Duration of Verification: December 30th, 2016 through January 31st 2018

In December, Westgard QC was pleased to verify the performance of Serdang Hospital in Selangor, Malaysia.

Serdang Hospital is a teriary hospital with 660 beds. The laboratory offers routine chemistry, immunology, urinalysis and therapeutic drug monitoring tests. They process about 1500 samples per day with over 900,000 tests performed annually.

The verification was completed on three ARCHITECT c8000 instruments. The analytes verified include

Analytes c8000 A1 c8000 A2 c8000 A3
Alkaline Phosphatase Good World class  World class
ALT World class World class  World class
Amylase World class   World class World class
AST World class   Good World class 
Bilirubin, Direct World class  Excellent World class
Bilirubin, Total   Good Good
c-reactive protein     World class
Calcium  Good  Good Excellent
Cholesterol, HDL    World class World class 
Cholesterol, Total  World class Excellent World class 
Creatinine Kinase  World class World class  World class 
Creatinine Excellent Excellent World class 
GGT Excellent    
Glucose  Good Good Good
LDH  Good   Good
Magnesium  World class   World class 
Phosphorous Good Good World class 
Potassium  World class   World class 
Total Protein  Excellent World class Excellent
Triglycerides  World class  World class World Class
Urea     Good
Uric Acid  World class Good World class 
  • World Class = Six Sigma performance
  • Excellent = Five Sigma performance
  • Good = Four Sigma performance


Performance of Serdang Hospital

 Serdang A1 NMEDX

 Serdang A2 NMEDX

 Serdang A3 NMEDX

Congratulations to Serdang Hospital Laboratory on their accomplishment.



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