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Sunway Medical Centre - Sigma Verification of Performance

Sunway Medical Centre earns the distinction of being the first medical institution in Malaysia to receive the Westgard Sigma Verification of Performance. Verified since 2014.

Sunway Medical Centre - Sigma Verification of Performance

Re-Verification: November 1st, 2015; November 1st, 2016
Duration of Verification: November 1st, 2016 through November 30th, 2017
Verified Since October 29th, 2014

Sunway Medical Centre is an Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) accredited private hospital located on Jalan Lagoon Selatan. From a single building to five, Sunway Medical Centre has grown exponentially since its inception in November 1999. With the hospital’s expansion plan in 2006, the hospital has grown from its previous 22,219sq.m to span 60,803sq.m. Sunway Medical Centre has a total of 358 beds, 119 consultation suites, and 12 operation theatres.

Sunway Sigma Verification of Performance

Sunway Medical Centre Sigma VP ceremony

2014 original verification ceremony

 2016 Sigma-metric Performance

2017 1 4 Sunway RE VP 2016 c8000 NMEDX

2017 1 4 Sunway RE VP 2016 c4000 NMEDX

Analytes verified:

  • Albumin (both (c8000 and c4000)
  • Alkaline Phosphatase (c8000 and c4000)
  • ALT (c8000 and c4000)
  • Amylase (c8000 and c4000)
  • AST (c8000 and c4000)
  • Bilirubin, Total (c8000 and c4000)
  • Bilirubin, Direct (c8000 and c4000)
  • Calcium (c8000 and c4000)
  • Cholesterol (c8000 and c4000)
  • Chloride(c8000 and c4000)
  • Creatinine Kinase (CK) (c8000 and c4000)
  • Creatinine (c8000 and c4000)
  • GGT (c8000 and c4000)
  • Glucose (c8000 and c4000)
  • HDL (c8000 and c4000)
  • Iron (c4000)
  • LDH (c8000 and c4000)
  • Magnesium (c8000 and c4000)
  • Phosphorous (c8000 and c4000)
  • Potassium (c8000 and c4000)
  • Total Protein (c8000 and c4000)
  • Triglycerides (c8000 and c4000)
  • Urea (c8000 and c4000)
  • Uric Acid (c8000 and c4000
  • Urine Chloride (c8000 and c4000)
  • Urine Protein (c8000 and c4000)
  • Urine Potassium (c8000 and c4000)
  • Urine Sodium (c8000 and c4000)
  • Urine Uric Acid (c8000 and c4000)

Sunway Re-Verification of Performance 2016

2016 Re-verification


Congratulations to Sunway Medical Centre for three years of improving performance, expanded verification of assays, and world class quality.

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