Tools, Technologies and Training for Healthcare Laboratories

Advanced Quality Management / Six Sigma

Quality Goals, Systems, and Specifications

When it comes to Quality, where are we now? Dr. Westgard reviews the evolution of quality control, quality design, as well as the development of tools to help plan quality. It helps to understand how we arrived at Quality Systems - and where we should plan to go in the future.

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Surpassing Six Sigma

What does it mean when the Sigma-metric is above Six Sigma? What are the implications of superior performance? Are there any benefits to improving beyond Six Sigma?

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Translating Method Validation Data into Sigma Metrics

Six Sigma is a useful tool, but how do we convert our measurements and and compare our processes to the Six Sigma scale. This lesson explains how to use method validation data to convert measurements typically made by the laboratory into Sigma-metrics. Using Sigma-metrics, you can make a definitive decision on the suitability of a method for your applications. (Preview)

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From Precision Claims to Six Sigma Estimates

In other lessons, we've discussed how to turn method validation data (method performance claims) into Sigma-metrics. But what about the case when only limited claims are available? Sometimes a complete method validation study is not available - and only the manufacturer claims for precision are readily at hand. How can you turn those claims into something useful on the Sigma scale? (Preview)

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Six Sigma Design and Error Budgets

If the concept of Six Sigma seems too difficult or advanced, perhaps it's easier to think of something we all do: budgeting. Whether we're making a budget at home in our personal life, or at work for a company or department, that process of assessment and adjustment is very close to the process we need to do with error and quality. (Preview)

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