Tools, Technologies and Training for Healthcare Laboratories

Basic QC Practices

Discussion of the CLIA Final Rule and related regulations.

Also, a large collection of Quality Requirements from CLIA, RCPA, Ricos et al Biological Variation Database.

Quality Requirements from CLIA, RCPA, the Ricos et al database on desirable specifications, etc.
Discussions of the CLIA Final Rule regulations
Best Practices for the laboratory, Best practices for data in publications, Best practices for standards, and other articles about the quailty of quality rules, standards, and regulations.
Essays on the execution and use of method validation studies. How to turn validation statistics into meaningful judgments.
Planning and Designing QC procedures for maximum error detection, minimum false rejection, and optimum efficiency.
Dr. Westgard's personal thoughts and reflections on a variety of topics.
Reporting and analysis of the 2004 "Maryland General Scandal" and the investigation into serious laboratory failures, as well as the subsequent Congressional hearings and GAO report on laboratory quality.
Discussions following up Dr. Westgard's many trips abroad. These articles summarize the trip (with pictures) and provide links to additional resources based on those talks.
ISO 15189, measurement uncertainty, GUM, and other ISO concepts.
Discussions about the Westgard website, company, and our products and services.
Essays on High Reliabilty Organization (HRO) theory and related quality management tools.
Essays on the CLIA Final Rule, State Operators Manual, and other regulations.
Essays on the basics of quality control: control charts, out-of-control events, common problems encountered by the laboratory, and more.
Essays written on a variety of topics by guest authors, experts, and scientists.
Essays on recent stories in the news, current trends, and other topical issues.
Essays on tools and products that help you Design QC, valdiate methods, etc.
A series of articles taking a data-driven look at the quality of laboratory testing in the US, using proficiency testing data from multiple programs, and Sigma-metric analysis.
Essays on Risk, Risk Management, and related tools like FMEA, PRA, etc.

Levey-Jennings charts. "Westgard Rules." Trouble-shooting. Working with control materials. Lab records. All the basic things every laboratory needs to know.

Management of analytical quality. Advanced lessons on quality in the laboratory.