Tools, Technologies and Training for Healthcare Laboratories

Rilibak: Quality Goals the German way

Jim Pierson-Perry and Oswald Sonntag discuss the German RiliBÄK rules. These new guidelines set new specifications for quality, both for performance of laboratories in EQA as well as routine operations. New concepts like the %Root Mean Square Deviation are introduced and explained.

Are "Scientific Statements" the Scientific Truth?

Dr. Callum Fraser discusses scientific statements that are often made in the trade journals and even the scienfitic journals. Sadly, they are often not true. And it's easy to calculate just how wrong they are.

Sysmex Perspective on Sigma-metrics

Dr. Ian Giles, MD, Director of Scientific Affairs for Sysmex America, shares their experiences with Sigma-metric analysis and its impact upon their operations and customer relations.

Time to engage in measurement uncertainty

In the ongoing "War of Words" in the Lab, it's time to hear another voice. Dr. Dietmar Stockl, an expert from across the Atlantic, provides us with a detailed essay explaining how measurement uncertainty can be useful to the laboratory - and even co-exist with Total Error.

Quality of Proficiency Testing

The 2008 report from the CDC dared to ask the big question: is Proficiency Testing effective? Not only that, it dared to recommend a significant change in the CLIA statutes. Can you guess which law should be changed for better PT?