Tools, Technologies and Training for Healthcare Laboratories

TQM for Labs: A European point of view

Dr J.C. Libeer, Ph.D., Ph.D, joins us from Belgium, where he has put together a comprehensive survey of the European quality schemes and programmes, noting their strengths and weaknesses. A must for those who want to learn about and keep current with laboratory quality management in Europe.

Cost-Effective QC for Chemistry and Coagulation

Guest authors use QC Design software to customize their QC procedures for their laboratories.

MV - The Regulations

Dr. Sharon Ehrmeyer is back again! You may remember her article on regulations in our Basic QC Practices series. In this article, she explains which regulations and standards and agencies are involved with Method Validation. A must-read reference.

Biological Variation Data for setting Quality Specifications

Dr. Callum G. Fraser, one of the leading experts in defining quality goals, has provided us with an article based on his presentation at the 1998 Fourth European Conference Quality [r]evolution in Clinical Laboratories in Antwerp. Dr. Fraser provides a detailed discussion of biologic goals and describes the process as well as the sources of data. Links in the essay are provided to tables on this webiste that contain the data.

QC Validation in Veterinary Laboratories

Kathleen P. Freeman DVM, Ph.D., offers a testimonial on how she used the Westgard QC Planning Process to improve the quality of her laboratory. Hey, even pets need QC! (And if your dog's blood tests are performed with better QC than your own lab tests, shouldn't you do something about it?)