Tools, Technologies and Training for Healthcare Laboratories

Part VI: The Quality of GHb Testing

February 2005

GHb is a critical test for diabetes control, yet it's not one of the regulated CLIA analytes for proficiency testing. So in addition to determing the actual performance of laboratories for GHb, we need to determine how well labs should be performing. With enough data, though, both tasks can be accomplished...

Part VII: The Quality of PSA Testing

May 2005

The October 2004 issue of Clinical Laboratory Strategies headlined an article “Prostate Cancer Research Declares PSA Era ‘Over’” [1]. Thomas Stamey, who is credited with creating the PSA era, now thinks the test is “all but useless.” Despite this, PSA testing continues across America. Does the performance of this test method match its utility?

Part VIII: The Quality of Coag Testing

June 2005

Over a dozen companies now offer Coag Testing at the Point-of-Care. But do we know how well Coag methods are performing back in the lab? And do those results provide us with insight into performance issues for POC testing?

Part IX: Variability of survey estimates

October 2005

In our ongoing series on the Quality of Laboratory Testing, we've been looking at as many PT groups as possible. But the questions arises, are some PT group estimates better than others? We take a closer look at CAP PT Sigma metrics.