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QuaLab China - a Sigma VP[TM] partner

Westgard QC is proud to partner with QuaLab in China. QuaLab sponsored the translation of the Basic QC Practices manual into Chinese and has also received training to become a local provider of services to help laboratories prepare for Westgard Sigma VP.

 QuaLab: A new Westgard Sigma VP Partner


In September 2015, QuaLab completed high level training with Westgard QC to complete a partnership regarding the Sigma VP program.

QuaLab and Westgard QC

The following staff completed training to become Westgard authorized Sigma-metric consultants: Kunxue Shen (President), Eric Yang, Jiang Ye, Dr. Rengfeng Feng, Dr. Richard Pang, Han Haiwen, Huang Zhiji, Hu Xiaobo, Song Binbin, Mark Ma, Xinhai Luo, Lei Li, Welch Cheng and Zhiwei Zhou.


Qualab Biotech Co., Ltd., found in May 2013, with investment from Shanghai Runda Medical Science and Technology Co. Ltd (SSE Stock Code: 603108) is a Chinese expertise-based biotechnology company specializing in 3rd party overall solution for quality management in medical laboratories, which includes a broad range of quality control materials, expert quality data management software, professional technical support & service and quality management focused training & education.

  • Quality control material: By closely cooperating with professional and outstanding manufacturers worldwide to ensure stable and wide supply of high quality raw materials, Quality-lab has developed a big menu of high-quality QC materials, including over 400 analytes for medical laboratories.
  • Quality data management software: Through better understanding customers' needs and expert quality data management ideas, Quality-lab is engaged in developing more powerful software to help medical laboratories ensure reliable quality of their daily testing results
  • Technical support & service: Adhering to the "customer-centric and service-oriented" business philosophy, Quality-lab has established a strong and expert technical support & service team to provide a broad range of professional service to customers, which includes inter-laboratory comparison of daily QC data, troubleshooting and problem solving for "out-of-control" cases, performance verification, etc.
  • Training & education: Armed with a strong and expert team focused on quality management in medical laboratories, Quality-lab has developed a series of professional and systemic training & education materials, and is able to provide customized education programs to any customer in a variety of forms.

More information about QuaLab can be found here:
You can also contact QuaLab by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

More information about the Sigma VP[TM] program can be found here:

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