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7 Things to Know about Six Sigma

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Six Sigma has been around for decades - so why isn't there more of it in the medical laboratory?

Where can Sigma metrics make a tangible impact on staffing, expenses, and outcomes?

This one hour zoom with Professor Sten Westgard will introduce the concepts of Six Sigma, Sigma Metrics, and Westgard Sigma Rules.

1. The history, concept, application in medical laboratory and quality management of Six Sigma
2. The actual meaning of "Six" in Six Sigma
3. Tranforming Tolerance Limits into allowable total errors (TEa)
4. 2 Ways to measure Six Sigma
5. Common Six Sigma benchmarks in the world and in the laboratory
6. What's all this about green belts, black belts, master black belts, and champions?
7. What practical tools are available for the laboratory?

Participants will learn how to determine the Sigma metrics of nearly any process in the laboratory, with a special focus on analytical quality of methods.

Thanks for registering for 7 Things about 6 Sigma zoom

Thanks for registering for the 7 Things to Know about 6 Sigma.

In 1-2 business days, we will send you the link to the recording of this zoom. You will have about 3 months of access.


Sten Westgard

Director, Client Services, Westgard QC. Inc.

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