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Guest Essay

Key Facts in Covid-19 Testing

Wayne Dimech provides a useful overview of SARS-Cov-2 testing and the COVID-19 illness. Wayne Dimech is Executive Manager, Scientific and Business Relations at NRL, Australia (NRL) in Melbourne. He is a recognized expert in infectious disease serology and laboratory quality.

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The Rong Regulation: Conflicts between NABL 112, CLSI EP23, and ISO 15189

 During my last trip to India, I had the fortune to Dr Satish Ramanathan and Dr CN Srinivas of MIOT Hospitals, Chennai. They shared with me some unique challenges that laboratories face in India, namely the disconnect between the NABL 112, which is the local implementation of ISO 15189, and the other global standards and guidelines. Here are just a few of the discrepancies between NABL, CLSI EP23, and ISO 15189 that they have found.

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