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Break all the rules (Part 3)

After a significant time elapsed since parts one and two, we continue our series on basic QC interpretation. We are finally tackilng that most complex scenario: what happens when we have 3 controls? How do we interpret across materials/levels? Does that mean we stop interpreting across runs? Here's another simple exercise - if you're told that all the rules have been broken, can you find where the violations occurred?

Evidence of Improving Pre-Analytical Quality

A recent paper details the efforts of monitoring pre-analytical processes over 12 years. Have laboratories improved in their pre-analytical performance since 2001?

The Great Global QC Survey: Results from Global (non-US) Laboratories

More than 500 laboratories outside the US participated in the Great Global QC Survey. What do their results tell us about the state of global quality control? Are they doing better QC than the US?

The Great Global QC Survey: Results from US Laboratories

Just under 40% of the Great Global QC Survey respondents were from the US. Here we focus on the laboratories of the United States and see how, if at all, they differ in QC practices from their global counterparts.

The 2017 Great Global QC Survey Results

The 2017 Great Global QC Survey reached over 900 laboratory professionals from more than 105 countries. Learn what we discovered about the world's QC.